There are three major signs that indicate your child may have dyslexia. I call them the "Big Three". The first is slow reading. The second is having a hard time understanding what you read. The third is a difficulty in spelling and mixing up letters. HOWEVER, there are different types of dyslexia that have different and more specific symptoms. Please visit the "Types of Dyslexia" page, link below, to understand the symptoms of each.

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If you suspect that your child has dyslexia, you can receive a diagnosis from your public school for free. A Neuro-psychologist can also diagnose a learning disability if needed. Please speak with your public school to schedule an evaluation for your child. If they have dyslexia, they will be given the "Take Flight" treatment plan in their school, specific to TEXAS. To learn more about Take Flight, go the the TREATMENT section of this website. Just an FYI, Texas and State laws REQUIRE your child's public school to give them therapy even if they have mild dyslexia. If they don't, they are violating the law, and you can file a complaint against the school. Texas is one of the best states for receiving dyslexia treatment, therefore I wouldn't worry too much about not receiving help from schools if you live here, but this is a common occurrence in other states, in which case you are protected by the national law, so do not worry!


Other reading disorders including reading fluency disorder-which is slower speed in reading and reading comprehension disorder-a difficulty understanding the passages. Please consult a neuropsychologist to determine whether your child has dyslexia or another related reading disorder.